Day 5: Doncaster

Day 5: Doncaster

Well, crap.
Today started off beautifully, We drove through Peak District National Park among the rich hills and green fields of this region we have fell in love with over the last four days. Finally, for a day, the sun came out and blessed this beautiful, rich landscape with warm ambers and golds. We were on our way to SINE FM headquarters where we would be conducting our first radio interview in a new part of the world. We shook hands and exchanged greetings with Mark Anthony Kelly – a local radio personality and phenomenal DJ. We had met briefly after our arrival to Manchester Airport on Monday. Mark has the biggest personality, kindest laugh and warmest heart of anyone I’ve met since this journey began. The interview went so well that he even took my request on the spot and played Seal’s 1994 smash hit (and the greatest song ever written), “Kiss from a Rose” on the air halfway through our conversation. We laughed as we recounted stories from the tour and shared the joys of living in Indianapolis and the challenges we face. At the end of the interview, he guided us to a room full of meat pies, scotch eggs and local treats. Our bellies and souls were full making our way to our final stop on this tour: Doncaster’s Vintage Rockbar.

Upon arriving to the venue, we were met with a perfect storm of issues. By the time we were finally able to load on stage, we were over an hour behind when we were supposed to have started our set. We finished a rushed line check and the engineer said, “Welp. Whenever you’re ready”.
We looked across an empty, silent room; defeated in what our final show would be. It was in this moment that Kyle did what Kyle does best.

“What’s the first song?”

Corey responded, “Under the Influence.”

“K. Hold an E chord until the room packs in. We’re not ending this tour this way. We’ll start when the rest of the show gets here. 1 – 2 – 3 – 4…”

The thunder shook the dust from the ceiling. We held that note for only a matter of seconds until the doors swung open and they arrived. Our band was complete and the show could go on. It was the perfect end to the most imperfect tour.

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